New iQROS’s Updates Ensure Clinical Study Risk-Planning Consistency, Efficency, Safety

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Customer input and feedback drives greater functionality

Nov. 20  2015, Irvine, Calif. — Efficiently, effectively and affordably executing a clinical trial is an arduous task. Just ask front-line staff implementing risk-based monitoring for promising pharmaceuticals undergoing clinical study. That’s why when users of iQROS™ asked for even greater flexibility and functionality for managing risk-based monitoring, Kestrel Biologic listened and updated iQROS with new, enhanced functionality for identifying and tracking protocol deviations.

iQROS is an interactive, quality and risk-based oversight software system offering secure web-based visibility and access into study oversight status. Developed for small- and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations, iQROS effectively captures risk planning and monitoring activities in a dynamic, living database across clinical studies. The easy-to-use software provides password-protected transparency into the complete oversight process, but more importantly, the software streamlines the reporting process for all monitoring activities.

“The new tools within iQROS are the result of customer input and feedback,” said Lorne Cheeseman, CEO, Kestrel Biologic. “Protocol deviations are now structured to ensure that deviations are captured consistently and updated simultaneously making the overall reporting process quicker and easier for identifying, tracking and managing risks.”  

The updated version effectively captures all the data related to the risk plan and the monitoring activities driven out of that plan.

“Tracking protocol deviations using iQROS will save the study manager’s time and resources,” Cheeseman concluded. “The updates will ensure that deviations are documented efficiently and consistently and making it easier to generate a detailed and accurate report at the end of the study.”

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