Kestrel Biologic at SCOPE 2017 Conference in Miami

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Kestrel Biologic Booth at SCOPE 2017 Miami Conference

Gordon Gilbertson and Lorne Cheeseman at the booth in Miami

Kestrel Biologic’s attendance at the SCOPE 2017 conference in Miami was very successful. We had our booth set up in the exhibitor space. The picture above is of Gordon Gilbertson, CTO and Lorne Cheeseman, CEO, at the booth on the opening day. This conference was a great opportunity to talk with clients about our new version of iQROS™ risk-based monitoring software and the advantages we can offer them. Also, we got to hear where the industry is moving on risk-based monitoring approaches.

Conference Talks

We attended some of the talks to hear what the industry is saying about risk-based monitoring. The big news for us is the recent approval of the updated ICH GCP E6 document and its emphasis on Quality by Design principles. This is exactly the paradigm that iQROS™ has been built on. So, we are able to tell our clients that with our software they are already implementing the main new provisions in the new release of ICH GCP. Listening to what other people are doing; the industry is going to be playing catch up to where we already are with iQROS™. In particular, it was great to hear about MCC and their new recommendations which we have been already implemented as the basic paradigm in iQROS™.

On the Exhibitor Floor

The best part of the conference was to be meeting new people and talking with them about what we do. We got a great reception from the people we talked to about iQROS™. People especially liked our unique quality by design approach to risk-based monitoring. We look forward to following up with everyone we met and talking about how Kestrel Biologic may be able to help them with implementing risk-based monitoring. Also very popular, were our give away of screen cleaners. We handed out over 400 screen cleaners to attendees during the two days. We have only a couple left so if you want one please let us know so we can put one aside for you.