iQROS™ Software

An Interactive Quality and Risk Oversight Software System

iQROS™ offers real time, fully secure web-based visibility and access into the study oversight status. The easy-to-use software provides password protected transparency into the complete oversight process of the study. It streamlines the reporting process for all monitoring activities.

  • Through the use of iQROS™,  your company can implement a safer risk-based approach with tighter integration of the risk plan.
  • iQROS™ provides complete documentation of the entire oversight process.
  • iQROS™ allows for effortless reporting of all oversight on each project
  •  iQROS™ delivers easy transfer of risk and mitigation data between studies.


How is iQROS™ Different from Traditional Monitoring Methods?

  • Your risk planning becomes dynamic and easily updated throughout study with immediate implementation of changes.
  • iQROS™ directly links risk plan with monitoring activities and monitoring reports.
  • Your monitoring reports are streamlined and fully searchable within the system.
  • Eliminates need for individual oversight plans as risk plan links to specific mitigations and activities as they are conducted.

Important iQROS™ Features:

  • Web Based, Process Oriented
  • Easy To Use and Understand
  • Single Source for Issue Management
  • Simplified Monitoring Activities
  • Clear Documentation of Mitigation Progress
  • Transparency of Study Oversight Process and Status
  • Added Risks and Mitigations are Immediately Implemented Throughout System
  • Develops Risk-Based Approach in all Activities with Tight Integration of Risk Plan
  • All Monitoring Activities are Dynamically Linked to their Respective Tasks
  • Easily Applied to In-House Remote Monitoring and Other Study Oversight Functions

The cost structure of the iQROS™ software system is designed to accommodate the specific needs of your organization.
Contact Us to discuss your unique requirements and to find out how the iQROS™ solution can save your company time and money.